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The Science of Microbiology ... Its Not All About Beer !! 

As almost every part of our world including human society is influenced by microbial activity, microbiology is an important and exciting science concerned with the study of the prokaryotes (Bacteria and Archaea) as well as microscopic algae and fungi or viruses.

Microbiologists apply a large array of modern analytical methods including for example fluorescence microscopy, HPLC, mass spectrometryas well as TGGE or ARDRA to elucidate the interaction of microorganisms with other organisms and their environment.

Current research topics addressed in the Discipline of Microbiology on the Pietermaritzburg campus include for instance the microbial catabolism of aromatic pollutants, the treatment and purification of polluted water, the analysis of microorganisms involved in generating hydrogen and methane from organic waste materials, the optimization of biotechnological processes, the detection and quantification of bacterial pathogens in water and produce, the interaction of biocides and microorganisms, the screening for fungicides of bacterial origin and the microbial ecology of soil.

Microbiologists have a wide array of career options because they acquire a broad range of knowledge and many relevant skills.

Our graduates and postgraduates have been employed for example in government, tertiary academic institutions, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industry, diagnostic and quality control laboratories and consultancies.
























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